Commodity Wharf is a commodity trading company based in Malta which can supply all the major commodities at very competitive prices, including:

We aim to bridge the gap between suppliers and customers, bringing value to both parties and facilitating international trade.

Due to its position in the Mediterranean, Malta has a long history in trading. The Grand Harbour was for a long time the nerve centre of the Mediterrean Fleet of the British Navy. Even prior to that, the Knights of Malta built Valletta overlooking this natural harbour thereby taking advantage of its ship and trading capabilities. This has led Malta to be a trading hub for many centuries. Indeed, our logo is one of the old warehouses forming part of Barriera Wharf - Magazzini della Barriera (Caraffa Stores) - which replaced the original designs of Romano Carapechia in the 1850s.

We boast a global network of suppliers located in Ukraine, Russia, Middle East and North Africa and are able to deliver commodities at very competitive prices directly to the buyer.

Moreover, we are aware that finding the right commodity is only just one element in the ambit of commodity trade. Indeed, the members of our firm have hand-on experience in the trade of commodities. They have worked with banks which specialise in commodity trade finance and enjoy good contacts with various suppliers and buyers in the commodity sector.

We also maintain strong relations with banking institutions that are specialised in trade finance and documentary credit. We are able to assist our customers in the negotiations with banks in order to obtain the necessary letters of credit, and a credit line if deemed necessary by the circumstances.

Transportation is a further issue which plays an important role in this type of trade. Indeed, Commodity Wharf enjoys excellent relationships with ship owners who have well established fleets.

We are up-to-date with all fairs and conferences relating to commodities. We periodically inform our customers of such fairs and encourage them to attend. Representatives of our firm also strive to participate in order to meet clients, bankers, lawyers and ship owners. In Malta, we work hand in hand with an affiliated law firm.

In this respect Commodity Wharf can be able your one stop shop for all your needs in commodity trade.

Commodity Wharf operates from the Island of Malta. Operating from Malta ensures that we have access some of the most important ports in the Mediterranean, including the Malta Freeport. The ports served by the Malta Freeport are accessible here. Our proximity to North Africa and the European continent offers the possibility of maintaining excellent trading relationships with our clients situated in these regions. Malta's emerging financial centre provides expertise services in terms of banking (guarantees, letter of credits, commodity trade finance) and at professional level offering legal and tax advice, as well as an advantageous tax regime.

Indeed, Malta is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean and has been a member of the European Union since 2004. Distance between Malta and Sicily is just of 93 kilometres, whilst that between Malta and the closest point in the African continent (Tunisia) is 288 kilometres. This central position is also noticeable in that Gibraltar is 1,826 km to the west, whilst Alexandria (Egypt) is 1,510 km to the east.

Malta is an ideal place from where to conduct trade in commodities. The busy port situated in Valletta and the Malta Freeport provide very important logistical support. The Island's development as a financial centre ensures access to well-trained bilingual professionals. Through a low corporate tax rate, which can result in an effective tax rate of only 5%, Malta has attracted various international companies. The various companies that are in Malta and that reap the benefits of a low tax rate, make the Island a perfect trading platform to conduct business.

Postal Address:
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